Protect Your Health During Sleep – Use And Orthopedic Pillow

Our daily activities the way we eat, move or think are not the only elements that have a direct influence on our health. The way we sleep is also crucial for our well-being, having the power to improve (or deteriorate) our posture and the straightness of our spine.

We are used to sleep on soft beds and big, fluffy pillows. Yes, they are undeniably extremely comfortable, but did you ever analyze their effects on the alignment of your spine? It has been proven long ago that a straight spinal column is the foundation of a healthy body thus we have to make sure that our sleeping posture is beneficial for our spine.

So which is the best solution for this problem? Actually, it is very simple though it requires a small investment. All you need to do is buy a new bed the harder the better and an orthopedic pillow. This device has a special shape that will correct your sleeping posture, reducing the pain and the tension in your body.

An orthopedic pillow has many therapeutic functions. By supporting the spine and the neck, it can alleviate back and shoulder pain, muscle discomfort, dysfunctions of the internal organs, sleep apnea, snoring and gastroesophagial reflux disease (GERD).

The neck or contour pillow is probably the most popular type of orthopedic pillows. Depending on your particular needs, you can choose from the wide variety of models present on the market. Side sleepers will enjoy another type of therapeutic device the body pillow. It supports the entire body, starting with the head and reaching the legs. Its special 7 shaped form will provide a healthy, painless sleep.

Body pillows are especially useful for pregnant women, who need extra comfort during this delicate period. Lumbar support pillows are useful for pregnant women and not only. By supporting your lower back, they protect your spine whenever you need to sit for several hours for example at the office.

If you travel often and you spend many hours per day in transport airplane, car or bus you will simply need a travel orthopedic pillow. Shaped like the letter U, it will support your neck, preventing your head from falling to the side when you want to take a nap during your travel, but you dont have the possibility to lie down.

As mentioned above, orthopedic pillows do not only treat, but also prevent dysfunctions caused by an incorrect sleeping. Used on a regular basis, before any unpleasant manifestations occur, they will guarantee you a healthy, painless sleep for a long time!